Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diehard City Hunter

I'm really not into these action dramas/ movies or anything that involves fighting. I guess I'm more of a lover and not a fighter.

I don't gross out from blood but I hate seeing someone in pain or beaten to death. How many more lives are we gonna lose after Mr. Prosecutor?

I'm down with the last ep of City Hunter, but to coward to finish it. Who else will die? Kim Nana? Ajusshi? The President or City Hunter himself?



The Peregrinator said...

If you change your mind (about dramas that involves fighting, that is), you might want to watch Unbeatable II (Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Roy Qiu etc). It's a Cdrama though

January said...

love ko to.. nasa episode 5 pa lang ako.. hehe