Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kdrama: You're Beautiful Casts

Sorry guys, for the last couple of days or even weeks, you've heard nothing from me but the Kdrama: You’re Beautiful.

It's just that I can't get over it.

I’m definitely, 100% sure that this is the next big thing after BOF!

And you’ve heard it first here (well actually I’m kinda late because it already ended last month).

Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) is the leader of the band A.N.JELL, and the most popular of the 3 guys but is also has the meanest character. He disapproves of Mi Nam’s addition to their group and bullies her (even when he learnt that she is actually a girl). He’s an uber OC guy, funny thing is Mi Nam always makes a mess out of everything. He has a verypainful childhood/ family experience which explain his bad behavior.You’ll fall in love with his character as Ni Man and I did, for sure!

Jeremy/ Kang On Yu (Lee Hong Ki) is the funniest and most lovable member. He’s kinda jealous at first with Mi Nam because the other two guys are showing more attention to her. Also, he felt weird whenever he’s near Mi Nam, he was the last one to know that she is in fact a girl.

Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa) is the sweetest guy here. He knew from the start that Mi Nam is a girl and fall for her but since he doesn’t want his feelings to complicate things, he kept it a secret. He continued to help and support her, playing as her hyung (older brother), so sad.

Go Mi Nyu (Park Shin Hye) acts as her twin brother Mi Nam because for some unknown reason. She is hesitant at first because her plan is to become a nun, yup, she lived most of her life in the convent. But later on sees the opportunity to meet their unknown mother. Things get complicated when she developed feelings for Tae Kyung.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kdrama: You're Beautiful OST

I promise you, you'll fall in love with the Kdrama
You're Beautiful - the story, cast and OST!


Without Words

Both were uploaded and subbed by NulSaRangHae.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A new look for the Drama Queen

A super duper generous and talented girlblogger Ritz, gave me this lay-out complete with customized header and set-up support absolutely FREE!

I chance upon her free lay-out contest and intended to join in, unfortunately it was already closed. But still she offered me something else, which I think suited my theme more.

Thanks again Ritz and hope to work with you again!

Ninja Assassin

I posted previously that I will support Rain’s Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin.

Keeping true to my promise, we just finished watching it.

If you’re into action-martial-arts movie, this is definitely a must see. But for me I find it too bloody/ gory (I don’t think I can eat something reddish for the next couple of days). But still the story is very interesting and the action scenes are carefully executed.

I am soo proud of Rain being another Asian to hit it big time in Hollywood. I hope to see more of him and hopefully in a romantic comedy film like his Kdrama Full House (one of my all time favorite) with Song Hye Kyo.

Friday, December 18, 2009

New Kdrama to watch out

I’m going gaga over the Kdrama: You’re Beautiful (YAS).

As per my previous post, it is about Go Mi Nyu (Park Shin Hye) who needs to pretend as his twin brother Go Mi Nam and join the famous boy group A.N.JELL.

Similar with Hana Kimi and Coffee Prince, with the girl pretending to be a boy scenario but here there are a lot of scenes that you wouldn’t expect. Hilarious scenes I must say. Never a dull moment.

There were a lot of great songs in the OST, I am not very familiar with KPop so I had to research for those titles yet.

And did I mention, there were 3 good looking guys to choose from!

I’ll post pictures on my next entry.

I’m watching it at Youtube btw.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kdrama: You're Beautiful

Another one on my watch list. This one is recommended in dramabeans, a blog/ site I often frequent to check the latest in Kdramas.

Summary from wiki.d-addicts:

Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Sun) and On Yu (Lee Hong Ki) are in search of a new member for their idol group, A.N.JELL. However, Mi Nam suffers an injury at the last moment. So Mi Nyu (Park Shin Hye), his twin sister, is asked to step in for her brother. The rest of the drama follows the behind-the-scenes life of an idol group.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Kdrama: Will it snow this Christmas?

Well I would want to. And so I’m putting this on my watch list come Christmas break.

Summary from wiki.d-addicts:

Cha Kang Jin (Go Soo) is the son of barmaid, Cha Chun Hee. His life is difficult as he gets into fights and has to watch other people push his mother around yet he can't do anything to stop it. He meets Han Ji Wan (Han Ye Seul) when they were teens but they weren't able to continue their relationship as Ji Wan ran away after her older brother's death. He meets Ji Wan 8 years later when he's attending her engagement ceremony to Park Tae Joon. However, he is heartbroken as Ji Wan pretends to not remember him at all.

I'll keep you posted when I've finally watched it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

JDrama: Otomen

I was looking for a new drama to watch last weekend when I saw this one. I read the manga before, the story is kinda cute and the main lead, Okada Masaki is a total hottie.

I was totally bent on watching it ay mysoju, but then I was directed to viikii, then to youtube, then to nothing! Waah! I can’t find it anywhere…

Can anyone suggest any other sites?



Summary from wiki.d-addicts:

The story centers around the popular high school boy Masamune Asuka (Okada Masaki), the top kendo fighter in the nation. However, beneath his cool exterior, he is actually fond of sweets and shojo manga, and is skilled in sewing and cooking. When he instantly falls for the transfer student Miyakozuka Ryo (Kaho), his secret is in danger of being exposed.


I read somewhere that main lead Okada will play Takuma in the adaptaion of Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu, another cute manga. Gotta wait for this too.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


We had several extra days off this week so I decided to watch my favorite dramas.

KDrama: Coffee Prince

I’ve watched this Kdrama for more than 10 times but still I still laugh and fall in love like the first time with Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) and Han Kyul (Goong Yoo).

KDrama: Princess Hours (Goong)

Same with CP, can’t get enough of this Kdrama. Not to mention I also reread the Manga from time to time.

TwDrama: Frog Prince

My second time to watch this, I know the storyline but forgot most of the scenes already. Main leads are Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao.

Pictures from