Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kdrama: My Fair Lady Finale

I finished watching this KDrama 2 weeks ago. But I guess the finale episode still didn’t sink in to my head. I had high hopes for this one, being YEH latest KDrama after Coffee Prince. I may say I’m kinda disappointed, with the ending at least.

My last post is about my kilig moments with YEH and JIW, though I know they will not end up with each other, I was still rooting for JIW. But after a few more EPs, Butler Seo slowly and steadily made me change my mind and finally accepted that he and Hey Na deserves each other.

Then the last two EP broke my heart, Butler Seo and Hey Na now admitted their love but knows they cannot be together. Huhuhu…It breaks my heart to watch them try to live their lives apart and cannot understand why they cannot fight for their love head-on, like in most dramas. Until the very last scene (though I know they will still end up together, otherwise I’ll rally against KBS!), they are apart and when they did reunite it was a really short scene. It didn’t left a lasting impression on me or rather I am not happy with the ending period.

Well, that’s my own interpretation; don’t know with the other fanatics.

(Pls bear with the pictures, I couldn't find any so I just took a print screen)