Friday, May 29, 2009

Kdrama: Boys over Flowers

F4 Mania is back!

Boys over Flowers is Korea's adaptation of the popular manga Hana Yori Dango. Japan already made a live action with the same title while Taiwan has Meteor Garden.

The basic story is about a group of four ultra famous / handsome / rich boys (F4) and a common girl.

I knew when it was announced that Koreans will make it's remake that it would be a huge success even more than the previous two adaptations.

And true enough they have carefully chosen the leads for BOF.

Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di

Lee Min Ho as Goo Jun Pyo
Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo
Kim Bum as So Yi Jung
Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin

Initially I was a little disappointed with the female lead cast but as the show progressed she proved that she is perfect for the role.

The story started when Jan Di entered Shinhwa High, an elite school, she got in through a recommendation after she saved someone from committing suicide.

She caught the ire of F4 particularly Jun Pyo when she defended her only friend, Min Ji thus she got the notorious red card.

She was then bullied by the whole school population but she bravely took it all.

During the bullying time, Jan Di becomes close and fall in love with Ji Hoon.

But Ji Hoon is in love with their noona, Min Seo Hyun, a famous model.

Also at that time Jun Pyo became interested in her.

I remember the line of Jun Pyo to Jan Di at a pub:

"You family, looks, brains too, although all of these are zero. But you are the first woman that Goo Jun Pyo recognizes. Your qualifications are full marks".

Another one while they were flying private airplane showing her a heart-shaped land mass:

"Did you see my heart?"

Well on both cases Jan Di has still hang-ups with Ji Hoon, while the later with Seo Hyun.

Eventually upon Jun Pyo's persuasiveness Jan Di slowly grows feeling with him. And totally gave up on Ji Hoon.

They started going out and had really cute moments together.

One of which is when Jun Pyo stayed at Jan Di's house. He really had fun slepping in a crowded room, eating breakfast, making kimchi, going to public bath and eating fish stick.

Another is when Jun Pyo gave a necklace to Jan Di, the pendant (star and moon) was designed by Jun Pyo himself, he translated it as

"Jan Di is a moon which Jun Pyo the star will never let go, no matter what".

Next was during valentine's day when Jan Di gave Jun Pyo hand made chocolates and they joined a game for couples.

And that was also the witch, Jun Pyo's mother, learned of their relationship.

That starts the difficult life on the family of Jan Di. They were bribed by the witch but they repeatedly refused. They were left jobless and homeless but they never gave up.

One touching scene was when the family of Jan Di has to sell crackers on the highway, Jun Pyo saw Jan Di selling and asked to stop the car amidst her mothers order. Then Jun Pyo walks out of the car and walks towars Jan Di (it's a super nakakakilig moment!).

Jun Pyo was forced to go to Macau in place of his deceased father (whom is not actually dead but comatose, his mother kept it a secret to him) and was forced to be engaged with Jae Kyung.

Another obstacle was when Jun Pyo had an accident and amnesia, he totally forgot about Jan Di.

Of course in the end they end up together.

The last scene was when 2 years after F4 graduation, Jun Pyo returned after overseas study and proposed to Jan Di.

I did not do any justice to the characters of other F4 members especially to Ji Hoon.

I love Ji Hoon, i can feel his pain, from losing his parents at a young age, then his grandfather abandoning him, then his failed first love. And when he finally realized he love Jan Di, she cannot reciprocate his feelings anymore. Huhuhu...there were really times I would want Ji Hoon to end up with Jan Di. Ji Hoon is the epitome of a perfect gentleman, and he is Jan Di's soulmate and her kight (in shining armor since he usually save Jan Di from various ocassions). I have to remind myself that this is Jun Pyo and Jan Di's lovestory and it calmed me a bit.

Yi Jung meanwhile is a great potter and the groups female magnet. He did captured the hear of Jan Di's best friend, Ga Eul. And of course I love his smile!

And Woo Bin is the protector of the group being skilled in fighting.

I know, I know there's soo much more but I can only remember such. Its been 2 months since the series ended in Korea. I watched it online at mysoju .

I was waiting for an announcement for a second season so when I heard that they will issue a Music Video of F4 depicting their stories after 5 years I was really excited.

But when I watched it it was just like a recap of their previous scenes. It was a bit of a disappointment.

Well nevertheless, I highly recommend BOF.

It's an exciting romance comedy drama.

A complete package.

And I'm still waiting for season/ part two.

It's a drama queen's wish.

Confessions of a Drama Queen

(as published in my other
I'm a sucker for tv/ drama series, as if my own problems were not enough.

As long as I can remember I've been watching dramas all my life.

Being a national past-time, we tend to associate ourselves with the heroine and hate the kontrabida to the max.

From Filipino favorites to Mexican telenovelas to American Series to Asian dramas.

I've followed all those with special interest on the later.

Yup now I prefer Asian dramas particularly Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas over other tv series.

I guess the main reason is that I can relate more with our asian counterparts than with the american lifestyle.

But with Filipino dramas I find it overrated, they use too much conflict for one storyline.

And thus the story became bothersome and unconvincing.My fave dramas/ tv series within the last 5 years

American TV series: Dawson's Creek, Smallville, Heroes

Kdramas: Coffee Prince, Full House, Princess Hours, Kim Sam Soon

JDramas: Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango

TwDramas: Fated to Love you, Devil Beside you, ISWAK, TKA

And alot more but I can't remember all of them - maybe i'll just ad them later.

Gosh! I think I already have memory gaps!

Maybe because I spent alot of my waking hours in front of a PC.

I usually have 5 hrs sleep and if I'm really into what I'm doing/ watching I can do with 2-3hrs.

Yup 2 hrs and lots of coffee with headache and grumpiness on the side.I'll do a separate posts for all my favorite dramas.

This is just an introduction to my other obsession.

And if you think this ends here, the answer is a big NO.

I still have alot.

I myself cannot understand where I can get my powers.