Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Currently Watching: Scent of a Woman

Currently watching and crying.

Huhu, saddest kissing scene ever!

I was hesitant to watch this one, knowing the story will evolve with a six month death sentence. But I adore Kim Sun Ah and curious about Lee Dong Wok.

And indeed starting with ep 1, my tears were not stopping.

I find LDW's acting quite robotic. I don't know if it's what the script requires or his acting style, guess I have to re-watch My Girl. But KSA really delivers, I cry every time she cries. I feel her pain particularly on ep 9 where she told her best friend that she has cancer and is dying. Huhu major crying scene.

I am now waiting for ep11, with Kang Ji Wook learning Lee Yeon Jae's condition.

Oh I also like Dr. Chae Eun Suk's strict-but-softy-on-the-inside character.

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