Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too much drama

I’m not really into Tagalog movies or drama series because I find it too much.

Life is already too complicated but they tend to overact almost everything. And I don’t need an extra baggage.

Why am I saying this, yesterday I attended a bday party and when I arrived they were watching the movie Miss You Like Crazy of John Lloyd and Bea. I missed the first parts so I have to ask once in a while the background story.

We were all in tears and rooting of course for JL and Bea to be together. And it did happen at the end. Horray!

But it made me think, what if you were the original gf of JL (I forgot her name)? The love, time and effort you made suddenly became null and void. That hurts. Would you still root for them? It was pointed out by a friend that sometimes love was not the only reason why you choose one over the other. Still that would hurt (if he has chosen to be with the girl he’s not in love with). Wow, that IS complicated!

I told you I don’t want to watch these kinds of movies! I tend to over analyze things.

Too much drama indeed.


You might be curious because of my contradicting stance - I AM a Drama Queen (my blog says so), but I prefer Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese because they have simpler approach. And I also stay away into too much drama what they call melodrama or tragedy. I prefer light drama or romantic comedy.

Because life itself is a drama.

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Sherry said...

nice dramas, do you speak taiwan language?