Saturday, April 17, 2010

Celebrities Love Scott Kay

It’s no secret that celebrities love glitzy and trendy jewelry. Now, Scott Kay has a name among the top celebrities, touting his gorgeous jewelry and unique designs. Celebrities from Jon Bon Jovi to Eva Longoriahave been seen wearing some of Scott Kay’s most original pieces of jewelry.

What is it about Scott Kay that attracts the A-list stars? One of the reasons why Scott Kay is adored is he’s not merely a designer—he’s an artisan. Scott Kay takes the art of jewelry to a new level with intricate designs, incredible attention to detail, and completely unique designs. You won’t find designs like Scott Kay’s anywhere else on the planet. In fact, all Scott Kay designs are hand carved, some even by Scott himself. He takes precious metal and makes his jewelry designs like those jewelers from the 16th century. Scott Kay even makes his own tools to carve, hammer, shape, and meld his art. Using a 15 power microscope, Scott Kay ensures that every last detail is 100% perfect. In a world where most major design houses use CAD or new technology to design, Scott Kay combines new world style with old world elegance.

Scott Kay offers his beautiful collections to fine jewelers around the globe. His designs are best appreciated by the most discerning of consumers, including celebrities. To take a taste of the finer life, experience Scott Kay jewelry for yourself. Scott Kay believes that you can’t sell jewelry to the whole world, so he makes his designs the best for those who do buy his designs. Scott Kay loves showing people what inspires him with beautiful designs . . . and then hopes the designs inspire the wearer.

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