Thursday, April 22, 2010

Discerning online poker tells at caesars online

It is easy enough to notice a tell when you are inside a casino and can see an opponent in front of you. What do you do if that same opponent is behind a computer screen where you can't see them? The next time you visit Caesars Online, here is an idea of what to look for if you want to spot another player's tells.

Pay attention to speed of play.

Every online poker room, at a site like Caesars Online, has a set number of seconds for a player to decide to go all-in or fold. In this situation, a quick bet can be a sign of a novice player. A slower bet can indicate a seasoned player who considers their strategy before proceeding with a hand.

Watch opponents fold/flop percentage.

A good way to measure how well you stack up against a potential opponent at Caesars Online is to pay attention to how often they fold versus going after a pot. If a player folds frequently, you might be matched up against a tough competitor who is waiting for the right moment to pounce. If you see an opponent who stays in a large number of pots, you might have decent odds of winning, if you play your hand right.

Gauge chat boxes.

Talkative opponents, whether in person or at Caesars Online, can make that tendency to chatter a big tell for their hand. Talkative players who grow quiet on a hand likely have good cards. Emotional players tend to not play good hands until they get their emotions under control. Antagonistic players try to project confidence as a means to intimidate and bluff opponents in hopes that they will fold and pull out of the hand. Be aware of these tendencies from opponents when considering how far to go with a hand.

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Sherry said...

online poker is fun but you need to manage your time well.