Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Roberto Coin's Rise to Popularity

Roberto Coin’s luxurious jewelry designs surfaced in 1977 and swiftly became one of the top jewelry brands in the world. In its infancy, Roberto Coin Company did not focus on trying to catch up with the older, more established brands, but rather hone in on its mission and future goals.

Roberto Coin’s main focus when starting out was to produce amazing fine jewelry for other well-known, distinguished jewelry companies. Roberto Coin provided fine jewelry for other brands for 19 years before their reputation and quality demanded that the company introduce their own brand in 1996. The Roberto Coin jewelry line flaunted dazzling diamonds and glittering yellow gold jewelry for which the Roberto Coin name is still known.

The company blended in easily with the array of leading jewelry brands. Some of these brands were the very brands in which Roberto Coin had worked for years earlier. Roberto Coin became the seventh most know jewelry brand in the United States, in 2000, after only four years on their own. Just a couple of years later, in 2002, the brand became the third best-known competitor among all Italian jewelers.

Currently, Roberto Coin pursues new, fashion-forward jewelry designs, in addition to the already immense and superb collections. By nurturing collections for years, Roberto Coin keeps the style, feel and look of each collection current with ever-changing fashion trends. Collections such as Haute Couture, Boutique, Fashion, Animalier and Celebration can be found both online and in stores. It’s best to explore the amazing collections in person in one of their stores located in the United States, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia and its nearby South Seas islands.

Roberto Coin Company takes immense pride in their place in the jewelry industry and amongst jewelry elite. A dramatic rise to popularity that leaves one dizzy--the story of Roberto Coin Company—one of the best and most celebrated jewelry brands.

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