Sunday, March 3, 2013

My current drama series

Though I haven’t blog about the latest Korean Drama series, it doesn’t mean I stopped watching those. I can’t imagine myself not watching anything in a week. That’s how I am into these drama series.

In those 5 months I’ve watched Arang and the Magistrate, Nice Guy, Full House Take 2, School 2013, Flower Boy Next Door and Civil Servant level 7 among the few I can remember. The last one is still on episode 12 with few more weeks to run. It’s a legal drama series with romance and comedy twist. I am not particularly into this kind of genre but I can’t find other drama series that interests me. I am checking That Winter, the wind flows or Five Fingers as my next in line. I guess after watching Arang and the Magistrate and Flower Boy Next Door, every other series fail into comparison. I can watch these two again and again, and still smile and feel giddy every time. I’d love to have my own flower boys next door specifically Enrique with his antics. Nice Guy is more suspense with love and revenge as theme. School 2013 on the other hand is about teenage pressure or problems. And they got lots of problems if I must say.    

I also check the new site blip tv which specializes on web television. They host new and emerging series which are not the same with the mainstream movies and tv series. But you can find more entertaining series than on regular tv or cable channels. It’s sure nice to have lots of options when it comes to watching online shows.

I plan to update my blog again on the latest Korean drama series, I need to fit it into my schedule with all my work and social responsibilities. until then please wait for me and my nonsense blabs.      

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Marie said...

Flower Boy Next Door is in my list! I can't wait to watch it.