Sunday, August 23, 2009

TwDrama: Easy Fortune Happy Life

As scheduled, I was able to watch this drama during my 2 days off.

I am still waiting for the last 2 eps but with the 11 eps, I could generally picture the ending. Of course, Qiao En would end up with Blue Lan.

But why I'm not happy?

It is the first time, I did not like the male lead, usually even if they play bad boy first (like Jun Pyo in BOF), you would still fall in love with the character and hope he would change (sorry, I'm just a hopeless romantic). It did happen here but I still don't like Blue Lan, ok he's cute and I must say he's effective in his drama but still there's no effect on me. Sorry Blue Lan!

Qiao En is still at her best, although after the huge success of FTLY, this drama fails to at least level up. The first two eps, I was crying my eyes out. The granny's love is so great even after 50 years she is still waiting for her first love's promise. Huhuhu.

Would I forget the uber HOT third wheel, Roy Qui? Wished so many times that Fu An will fall for him instead. Or rather that he would fall for me. Hahaha.

My summary:

Chun Xiang (Granny) and Wang Cai (Gramps) met during their younger years. She treated him when he got injured in the mountain. At that time, his medicine business got bankcrupted. He befriended and stole Xiang's family medicine recipe, then promised to return for her. She did wait, but eventually got her own family.

Present time, Xie Fu An and brother Pi Dan lives with Granny (both their parents died), in a small run-down hut. But till this day Granny still hopes that Gramps will come and fulfill his promise. She later died, with this Fu An and Pi Dan set forth to look for Gramps.

Meanwhile, Gramps remembered Granny after he had a near death experience, and set up to look for Granny but learned that she died but left her 2 grandchildren. So he wants to make amends and to give the company to Fu An and to whoever will be his husband. Knowing that his family, he has 2 grandson, would never give up their inheritance to other people.

So came Yan Da Feng, with a devil-like personality, set to at first kill Fu An, but later on decided to marry her instead to get the money.

And there is also Han Dong Jie, a gangster in nature but had very good personality. He's been saved or rather Fu An helped him one time and he vowed to protect him forever.

Jocelyn Wang as the bitch Jiang Zhen Zhen, the scheming gf of Da Feng. Hate her so much! Grr!

My personal rating:

Title : Easy Fortune Happy Life

Genre : Romantic Comedy

Total ep : 13

Casts : Chen Qiao En as Xie Fu An, Blue Lan as Yan Da Feng, Roy Qui as Han Dong Jie and Jocelyn Wang as Jiang Zhen Zhen

Kilig rating : 7/10
(I don't feel any kilig between Qiao En and Blue Lan. I gave add'l points for Roy Qui!)

Story rating : 7/10
(Same old plot line, but still I enjoy watching it)


moonzkie said...

im not really familiar with the story but WOW! 50 years of waiting for your first love's promise is like O.O

LLC said...

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ladykristinn said...

I so agree with you sis. Ang gwapo ni Roy Qui. Nakakainis!!! Sana naging bf ko na lang siya. hahahaha...