Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back Online

It’s been a while blog. I’ve been busy, very very busy. But as the saying goes, all work and no play makes a dull life. With a recent 4 day holiday I make sure I got plenty on the play mode. And catch up with all Korean and other best drama shows I could watch. I just finished Korean dramas Big, I Do I Do, Arang and the Magistrate, Panda and Hedgehog. I am also near the ending of Nice Guy and planning to start Faith and Gaksital. Then there’s the new series of Yeon Eun Hye and Micky Yoochun titled I Miss You. And I hope I get to blog about those series too. I especially love Arang and the Magistrate, love Shin Mina and Lee Jun Ki.  

With all my Korean dramas I was really pleased to chance upon this site where a new trend, web television is the focus. Here I get to see something new, funny, interesting shows or series like never before. I was usually into Korean drama series so I wasn’t aware much about the other TV or web series. I am guessing in a few weeks or months this site will be a hit, and I get to see and enjoy them first. You read it here first too!

So if you want something new, hip, unique, entertaining, educational to watch, check out They have a series called In The Internet which is both educational and reality series. Bestsellers is about girlfriends and books, I totally fit in! If you’re into suspense thrillers try Desturbia. Scifi geek, then Frontier Guard may fit your bill. I tell you they have a lot more! Just checking out all the titles took me a great deal of time. I’m sure you’ll find your kind of series. 

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