Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why Lie To Me?

There’s a post in AKP (A Koala’s Playground) on Why Are You Watching Lie To Me?

I confess I watch Lie To Me for the sole reason because it is YEH’s KDrama.

My love for YEH started with Princess Hours (Goong) and solidified with Coffee Prince.

So, even if there were tons of KDrama airing now with more substantial plots I will not give up LTM! Anyways, I’m easy to please, just give me some lovey dovey eps and I’m in! And they sure know how - given the recent Ice Cream and Cola kissing scenes (I guess there will be a couple more in store for us).

The OTP (YEH and Kang Ji Hwan)’s chemistry is their main hold to fangirls like me.

But even with all these said (and done) the first spot still goes to Best Love. Then a close second is LTM.

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