Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was reading recaps for the non subbed eps of Lie to Me and Best Love on Dramabeans and A Koala’s Playground (a new found drama blog) when I encountered the acronym OTP more than I could count.

What? Me a certified Drama Queen isn’t aware of OTP meaning?

Can’t believe it myself, and with a hurt pride I googled “OTP in dramas”.

And OTP happens to mean One True Pair/ing.

Well, in case of Lie to Me it would be Ae Jung and Ki Joon then Ae Jung and Dokko Jin for Best Love.

Another vocabulary on my already- cramped brain.

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cafiena said...

i google "otp korea drama" and i found ur blog.

i also figuring out since i read them on lie to me recap.

thank you.