Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Too Much KDrama!

There’s a lot of KDramas currently airing or about to air, but my sched is full with

Lie To Me
Baby Faced Beauty

Best Love

Though I usually watch the eng subbed eps on my Fri-Sat off which is extended until Sun-Mon (for Best Love), I regularly stalked the net for any previews, recaps, news, etc during the entire week.

I am guilty that I cannot even watch the premier eps or read the recaps of

Romance Town
City Hunter
Miss Ripley

Which are getting great previews by the way. I guess I have to write it on my long list of to-watch dramas. To make up, I'll make a general post and a separate one or two later (when I finally had the time to watch it).

Also my heart cannot take any more angst aside from Ah Jung-Ki Joon (Lie To Me) and Ae Jung-Dokko Jin (Best Love) or it will just burst. And I would be one Iron (wo)Man like Jin!

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