Friday, December 18, 2009

New Kdrama to watch out

I’m going gaga over the Kdrama: You’re Beautiful (YAS).

As per my previous post, it is about Go Mi Nyu (Park Shin Hye) who needs to pretend as his twin brother Go Mi Nam and join the famous boy group A.N.JELL.

Similar with Hana Kimi and Coffee Prince, with the girl pretending to be a boy scenario but here there are a lot of scenes that you wouldn’t expect. Hilarious scenes I must say. Never a dull moment.

There were a lot of great songs in the OST, I am not very familiar with KPop so I had to research for those titles yet.

And did I mention, there were 3 good looking guys to choose from!

I’ll post pictures on my next entry.

I’m watching it at Youtube btw.


Liz said...

I will be waiting for the pix of those 3 kawaii guys. LOL. You're obviously addicted to YAS!

redamethyst said...

three good looking guys, kabang-abang nga yan. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

ooh. this is a must-see. but i have to finish watching BoF first. haha. i am so in love with jun-pyo. late bloomer ako. i didn't watch it when everybody else was. haha!