Sunday, June 3, 2012

Currently Watching: Love Rain

I’m in love again with Jang Geun Seok’s character Seo Joon, who could resist his charm? It reminds me of his previous role in You’re Beautiful.

who made my oppa cry?

Enough of my fan-girling, let’s talk about the KDrama Love Rain.

First 3 eps were heavy, maybe because it was known from the start that Seo In Na and Kim Yoon Hee will not end with one another. It was really heartbreaking, period. But the sadder part was they were never able to move on and caused each other (and those around them) more heartaches.

Now to the current generation Seo Joon (son of In Ha) and Ha Na (daughter of Yoon Hee) met and fell in love. It was not instant but enough to establish something before they learned of their parents story. Now the four star-crossed lovers are in a dilemma who will give up their love for the sake of another.

I am always hopeful and naïve to think that love will be enough. But reality always prove me wrong.

Same with this KDrama, I want the older gen to have their happy ending too since In Ha is divorced and Yoon Hee is a widow. But cheering on them means Joon and Ha Na’s separation, they would be brothers and sisters by law. I wouldn’t care if it was me, but Joon also have to think of her mom, which is the bitch here.

This is a melodrama so I’m prepared for more heartaches and even dying. Am I bad to even want Yoon Hee to die (but she’s gonna be blind not dying) just to end this complicated set-up or In Ha to have an accident but I cannot afford anything to happen to Joon or Ha Na. Talk about totally into the KDrama.

I want to end this and get over with, I better watch the remaining 5 eps (but afraid to see the ending).


Franc Ramon said...

I don't watched much Korean series but I like how their story lines. It's not as predictable as our teleserye.

Gemma| My Dailies said...

Lol katuwa ka naman.. (ayaw mo talaga makita ending, hahaha) asawa ko din addict sa mga telenovelas hahaha

Em said...

sounds really good :) but I don't like the main guy there. He's the one from He's beautiful right?

dimaks said...

The only reason why I watch Korean series is the way how they deliver their clever twists. Plus my wife watches them at home, so it's a bonding moment too.

Vance Madrid said...

I'm not very much into K-Pop but I did had my share of Korean drama series in the the Coffee Prince. I loved it. They make kilig stories look so cool unlike in our own TV series--pretty predictable and sometimes so trying hard when it comes to the stars' chemistry.

Nickle love said...

I'm not into Korean shows or movies although I've seen a few and liked it. :)

Karen said...

The only Korean novela I am able to watch is DongYi.

Kalabasa K. Kamote said...

My mother loves Korean drama series and movies. I'll recommend this title to her.

filebookph said...

I'm not a k-drama addict but this is one of the few koreanovela's that i really watched. Thumbs-up for this :)

Mommy Maye said...

I can't remember what was the Koreanovela I have watched. masyado late na kasi pagpapalabas ng mga Koreanovela ngaun e.

Mommy Maye (