Thursday, December 3, 2009


We had several extra days off this week so I decided to watch my favorite dramas.

KDrama: Coffee Prince

I’ve watched this Kdrama for more than 10 times but still I still laugh and fall in love like the first time with Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) and Han Kyul (Goong Yoo).

KDrama: Princess Hours (Goong)

Same with CP, can’t get enough of this Kdrama. Not to mention I also reread the Manga from time to time.

TwDrama: Frog Prince

My second time to watch this, I know the storyline but forgot most of the scenes already. Main leads are Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao.

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The Dreamer said...

finally! wahahaha joke lang! :P
anyways, out of the 3 KDrama you mentioned, I've only seen Coffee Prince (thanks to my mom who bought the pirated dvd *toink*). But yeah, I love the story and I love the guy ang cute nya kasi! hihihi...

hyanne said...

Haist basta Koreanovela wala talaga pinalalampas ang pinoy. I have 2 thumbs up sa mga Korean director kc kahit movie the best!

Liz said...

Korean Guys are really hot. and I love their drama. Plus those KPOP. Wow, korea is love. ^_^

nicquee said...

I haven't watch KDrama for a long time now.

I think some TV networks here in Pinas are either re-running some of these KDramas or are making Filipino adaptations.

Anonymous said...

wah! i can't get enough of princess hours. i super love it. it's my favorite of all time! i super love janelle and prince gian (that's the tagalog translation of their names here.).. i think imma watch it again next year! hahaha! i watched it thrice already. still can't get enough..

Anonymous said...

oh, and one more ReRun-worthy koreanovela would be Full House. I super loved it. Ano pa ba mga magaganda? Lovers in Paris was also really nice.

Sherry said...

I like the watch Frog King so nice movie. :D