Saturday, August 29, 2009

KDrama: My Fair Lady Eps 1-3

Finally! The long wait is over!

For more than 2 years YEH hasn’t been in the any KDrama, and as soon as I heard of her new project, I was really excited!

I already made 2 posts about it, this is the 3rd one. Not that excited, huh?

Well, I was able to watch the first 3 episodes yesterday with english sub courtesy of

About the drama, I find it very funny and little by little getting the hang of the 3 main characters. Their backgrounds are way too complicated and you must really watch the first 3 eps to at least understand them.

Kang Hey Na (Yoon Eun Hye) is the uber rich granddaughter of a business tycoon. She had everything that’s why she’s spoiled, bratty and evil. She is the female version of Jun Pyo in BOF. But later on you will understand that she was just rebelling from her grandfather’s previous order, not yet clear though what happened but it’s about her first love.

Seo Dong Chan (Yoon Sang Hyun) on the other hand, is a former gigolo and works really hard to pay off her deceased mother’s debts. He had a nasty vehicular encounter with Hena and instead of out-of-court settlement, he pursued that she got penalized and she did by having to render 120 hours of community service. By some twist of fate he was hired by the grandfather to become Heyna’s personal assistant/ butler. But he too had ulterior motive in accepting the job, that is for Heyna to fall for him (using his gigolo antics) and thus get her money (to pay those loan sharks).

Lee Tae Yoon (Jung II Woon) is a human rights lawyer, actually a son of a business tycoon as well, but he opt to cut ties with his family. He was supposed to had a blind date with Heyna but he refused. His character was just starting to entwined with Heyna. So let’s look out for it.

Btw, did I mentioned that he’s uber cute and now he’s my crush? Sorry Dong Jie (Roy Qui)…

Why are the third wheelers cuter and a better person than the lead?

It’s making me furious!

Anyway, I’ll have you guys anytime of the day!

Can’t wait for the next eps!


supermunchee said...

I already watched the first episode and I liked it. I'm looking forward to seeing Il Woo in this series because I've already read good reviews about him!Do you have any idea which guy YEH will end up with?

yuuki said...

of course to her butler, Sang Hyun...akin n lang c Il Woo...haha...