Thursday, August 20, 2009

Drama Mode

I’ve been keeping myself away from my major addiction, that is watching asian dramas, mainly because as like any addiction I can’t seem to stop.

So I think for months I was successful in doing this but I already missed it so bad.

That’s why for the next two days (read my Unusual Weekend post), I will succumb to my weakness.

I already made a list of my must see asian dramas:

My Fair Lady – first ep was shown Aug 18, I don’t care whether subbed or not, I must see YEH!

Dream – Kim Bum’s drama after BOF

Calling Big Star – I wonder if it already started airing, I want to see Mike He!

Easy Fortune Happy Life – curious about Qiao En’s drama after FTLY

Tamra the Island – kdrama adapted from manga of the same title, according to a reliable source, cute and funny story

Hopefully I could watch it all…haha…

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