Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cuteness Overload: Puppies vs Babies

This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am dying of cuteness overload here. I've been staring at Jung Il Woo's adorable face, and I don't want to update my blog post for that reason. I want his picture forever engraved in my mind. And now I was asked to vote for Puppies vs. Babies online contest a battle in the cuteness category.


I am stuck. Why because I was imagining Jung Il Woo as a baby or if he has a baby and wonder how cute that would be. But it would be great if I am the mother of the baby. Then again I remembered he is actually a pet dog.


Help! I need some smacking on the head. Okay, I need to choose one and between Puppies vs. Babies I vote for Babies! I want one too, or maybe two in the future.

I guess this is really boils down to perception and experience. I have friends who are avid pet lovers and would definitely chose a puppy. Adorable, obedient and sweet puppy or dog. But for those moms out there there is no contest, definitely it's their babies. They say and I must agree that your mom is your number one fan. 

How about you? Which is cuter a puppy or a baby? Share us your thoughts.

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