Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Wish on Mother's Day

I have two moms, one is my real-biological mom and the other is my one-and-only-godmother (ninang).

They are best friends, my ninang took care of me since day 1 (my mom is clueless at that time) and she had to work. When we had to transfer to the province when I was in HS she really had a hard time coping up, she would cry a lot, her son even said to her “sya lang ba anak mo?” That’s how she loved me and I do love her too (my mom knows that!). I continued to visit them but you know along the way something always comes up. And now that I am working abroad, I try to visit her every time I came home for vacation.

During these last years she had a lot of health complications and the latest was her thyroid operation didn’t work out that fine. I am really afraid I might not be able to see her on my next vacation which is on December.

We are open to the inevitable, we do not wish for her to suffer more but still I want to be a little selfish.

And here comes my wish:

I wish to see her again, to hug her, to thank her, to listen to her stories on my growing up years…

I wish to greet her HAPPY MOTHERS DAY for more years to come.


Winchester said...

You're very lucky to have such loving moms. I hope that your mom's health will improve and that you'll get to spend more time with her.

Flowing Rhythms

melandria said...

it's not selfish it's just a wish of a loving girl. I also wish that my lola is still here so i can hold her and say i love her that much.

do join my give away too,

redamethyst said...

you are one sweet girl. lalo na malayo ka sa kanila noh? super miss mo na sila for sure

Sherry said...

two moms they are precious to you.

Felipe Juan said...

every mom will always be great.. cherish them and show that you love them always.. have a nice day

Sherry said...

I miss my mom I only saw her twice a week as she living in nursing home

Golden said...

Aww, this is a very touching post. I can really sense that you love your other mom so much. I wish everything's go well with her.

Lots of love,