Saturday, October 15, 2011

Man of Honor: Sports Themed KDrama

Man of Honor is a new Korean sports themed drama, with episode 2 already out I am still deciding whether to watch it or not. As you can see on my post or lack of it, I am in a drama drought since mid of September to present. There were dramas currently airing but none caught my attention.

Man of Honor is about a football player who got injured, in the process of healing and depression he found love. Cliché isn’t it? I have watched countless of sports themed drama from soccer, rugby, football, basketball ending with love. Well, love is everywhere and what is not to love about a passionate ball player?

I am still hesitant, I love the cliché and everything but I am not really into sports. I barely understand the terms and the technicalities. I am more into a love hate relationship of the leads. I have to wait for the other drama addicts to pick this drama and review, then I can have a better understanding of it.

Do I need to decide now? I have to see it for myself using some discount coupons.

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