Saturday, September 17, 2011

SOAW ending

I was afraid to watch the last eps of Kdrama Scent of a Woman, was afraid my eyes would be swollen from crying.

And I did cry a lot, on ep 14 when Heon Jae told her mom her condition, it was the saddest part for me (coz I can relate!).

But surprisingly after that scene there was no major crying. More of acceptance, understanding and lots of love.

I thought Heon Jae will die on the end, though it is still implied that she would, the story shows her living each day without regret. She was asked by Ji Wook if she would rather not be sick, she said if she isn't she wouldn't have the courage to change herself, to speak up, meet him and let her mom remarry, etc.

The moral of the story is to live without regrets.

Inspired by Heon Jae's bucket list, I am working on one too, not because I am sick but because I don't want to have regrets and we never know what the future brings.

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