Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Noriko Goes to Seoul

I was looking at the name and the face on the poster, I know I’ve watched him somewhere before. Hmmm. How can I forget Jeremy of YAB! Maybe because he is not blond or light colored here? Or maybe I am getting senile? Let’s just go on the first option please.

I want to watch this. The summary itself is heartwarming what more when Lee Hong Ki’s smile, sweet just sweet.

A special one-episode KDrama.


Title: 노리코, 서울에 가다 / No-ri-ko, Seo-wool-ae Ga-da / Noriko Goes to Seoul
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 1
Broadcast network: KBS
Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-10
Air time: Saturday, 23:20

A family drama that recovers family love when Japanese lady Noriko Mori (Takashima Reiko) crazy for K-pop stars coincidentally meets Min-ha (Lee Hong Ki) and the two affect each others lives.
Japanese middle-aged housewife Noriko Mori has been married for 17 year. She’s also a huge fan of Korean pop singer Kim Hyun-Jae. Her quiet husband Hiroshi (Masanobu Katsumura) and daughter Miyuki (Manami Ikura) doesn’t understand her fascination with the K-pop singer. One day, Noriko is diagnosed with lung cancer. Making matters worse, Miyuki says she quit athletics at her school. Hiroshi doesn’t take Miyuki’s decision seriously, but Noriko worries more and more about her daughter. At this time, Noriko hears of an audition being held featuring her favorite singer Kim Hyun-Jae as a judge. In order give inspiration to her daughter Miyuki, Noriko decides to take part in the audition. Noriko then goes to Seoul .

Takashima Reiko as Noriko Mori
Lee Hong Ki as Min-ha
Kim Ji Yeong as Sam-wol
Ikura Manami as Miyuki

Source KoreanDrama

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