Saturday, September 18, 2010

SSBB: Realm Of A Dreamer

I think this is my first time writing a blog review about R.O.A.D.

Or not, I can’t really remember.

Sansan aka Realm is the blogger behind Realm Of A Dreamer among other blogs she maintained. She’s the ever reliable Ms. Moderator in TP and Ms. Friendship in GT. When I started blogging she’s already a pro with self-hosted blogs but still takes time to answer my silly questions.

On the R.O.A.D. review, I can say it was one of the first WP self-hosted pink blog I’ve seen, adored and followed (though she had a different lay-out for quite sometime now) She usually does her own lay-out and is updated with the latest WP plug-ins. She writes mostly about her feelings on this blog, there were even password protected posts where I am too curious about.

I must admit I was bothered with her latest post about probably being the last year of The Dreamer from the blogging world. No! I’ll miss you Sansan! I agree that there are times where I too feel like not having anything to write or blog about but I’m sure you’ll get back the drive sooner or later. But whatever your decisions may be, we’ll be here to support you.

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