Monday, December 5, 2011

Late Rave about Sungkyunkwan Scandal

It's 3:20 am and I'm wide awake, feeling giddy while watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Am I crazy? I guess it's more of I am crazy about Yoo Ah In aka Moon Jae Shin! He's the third wheeler here, why am I always like this, falling more on the other guy. Is it pity? No, it's because they are more sensitive, understanding, thoughtful and not to mention more handsome than the lead guy. It's just that female leads fall on the bad ass guy. Hmp! I'll have you Moon Jae Shin any time of the day. 

Okay, there are cute moments (or here pictures) with the 3 plus the other friend.


It's a late rave because Sungkyunkwan Scandal was shown in 2010, more than a year had past. 

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Anonymous said...

i watched this last year . it was so good :)