Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Endings

Oh I love happy endings! That’s why I limit my drama addiction to romantic-comedies aka rom-coms because I don’t want to add drama to my already dramatic life.

I love dramas but I don’t want drama.

What an inconsistency, right?

So with the last 2 weeks, my
May KDrama’s Best Love, Lie to Me and Baby-Faced Beauty ended and given me sweet endings to cherish.

It made me sad for the drama itself to end, I will miss watching the raws, next day recap hunting, and re-watching with eng subs after a few days. My life was that hectic!

I gave myself a few days as breather and now ready to pick new batch of KDrama or TwDramas to watch.

Any suggestions?

I have! Tons of it!

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