Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tips for Online Sports Book Gambling

Gambling with online sports books has increased so much in the past decade that many players, even those who reside in Las Vegas, would rather make a sports bet online than leave the comfort of their homes to drive to their local sports book. Before choosing a mouse and monitor over live bookies, consider these tips to make an online betting experience a more profitable venture.
There are hundreds of online sports books all over the globe, so it's critical to do research and develop a plan. Sports book gambling will not make players wealthy overnight, but it's a long-term commitment of money, research, time and experience to reach the biggest rewards.
Before the first wager, a player should contact a lawyer to learn if offshore betting is even legal in the area he or she lives. Only bet with sports books that dwell in countries with firm gaming commissions and regulations. Australia, Antigua, Austria, Belize, Gibraltar, Jamaica and England are some countries with stern gaming licensing practices and firm gaming commissions.
After making sure that online sports book gambling is legal, setting up a specific bank account exclusively for winnings will make reporting the income to the IRS a cinch. An online account opened with a reputable sports book will suffice as well. Players should use a basic spreadsheet to record plays, wins and losses for each year that gambling occurred.
Players must stay alert to what's important in the sports world by reading the newspapers, watching television or listening to the radio. Information should be analyzed and decisions made quickly before the rest of the sports book gaming world chooses the same bets. Internet articles from trustworthy sources from around the globe can help a player make the best wager possible. Vital information is imperative when making a big wager; the big money is riding on it.


redamethyst said...

I never tried online sports gambling. pero kahit naman offline gambling ayaw ko eh

Sherry said...

my uncle loves gambling and thats why his wife left him. :(