Friday, June 5, 2009

Kdrama: When It's A Night

I just finished watching this drama.

And I would say it is really interesting.

Even if I'm not into antique/ cultural stuffs, watching this would make you aware of their importance.

And how people would do everything to get hold of these valuables.

The main leads are Kim Sun Ah (aka Kim Sam Soon) and Lee Dong Gun (aka Martin from Lovers in Paris).

Here's my summary

Heo Cho Hee (HCH) was assigned to go undercover at Japan to capture a notorious tomb theif (antique/ cultural treasures) named Kim Bum Sang. Meanwhile Kim Bum Sang (KBS), the professor cum tv antique enthusiast cum lady killer was also there to appraise an artifact. So HCH followed KBS and they got tangled with some yakuza leader. When they returned to Korea, KBS was given a post as Enforcement Team's Consultant where HCH works as manager in the Cultural Theft Unit. So here starts their daily bickering and eventually fell for each other.

But initially HCH is in love with Chief Kang (CK), the good looking head of Criminal Investigation Unit, while the kikay Joo Hyun (JH), also works at Cultural Theft Division thinks both KBS and CK likes her.

HCH's drive to recover these national treasures came from the fact that her father was the one of the infamous tomb thief. And she was hoping that if those were recovered maybe her father would come back.

Also to be noted is the cute brother of HCH, Heo Gyoon (HG) played by Park Ki Wong (stars in Love Marriage) who was actually the Hong Gil Dong/ steals the treasures and return it to the nation.

And my personal assessment

Title: When It's a Night

Cast : Kim Sun Ah as Heo Cho Hee; Lee Dong Gun as Kim Bum Sang

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Total Ep : 17

Kilig Rating : 6/10
(maybe i expected more...but it would definitely be more interesting if they put more intimate/ kilig moments...they were stiff...but being a hopeless romantic kinilig p din ako kahit konti)

Overall Rating : 7/10
(i enjoyed watching it, and i did look forward to the next ep...the story was well thought of...the actors are watching it was not a waste of my precious i recommend it)

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dolly's fav said...

i was watching this drama too.. hahha... my eyes are so busy... watching this and that.. if u r into tdrama... i would recommend "Pik Lik MIT" its quite an unusual story line.. not really those too lovey lovey story... no harm watchin it...