Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting Rid of Motion Sickness

Are you the kind of person who loves to travel a lot or are you the one who doesn’t? Or let’s say, you always love to travel but scared enough to go out of town because you suffer from motion sickness?

Well this can’t be controlled especially to those who are really not used in travelling. Whether it is caused by car, airplane, ship or even rides in the amusement park, people gets the same feeling and symptoms when they are having motion sickness. Basically, the main cause of motion sickness is the imbalance of one’s senses and it triggers mainly because of how someone views an object in a specific motion. The very common symptoms that people experience whenever they suffer from motion sickness are headache, nausea, vomiting, which at times they can’t control and even dizziness, thus making them feel weak and exhausted. It brings them stress and they even loss their appetite because they can’t normally eat as they try to fight back the symptoms.

Basically, this is starting to become the reason why most people prefer not to travel unless it is really needed because it’s always hard for them to deal with the sickness. They will prefer to stay at home than stressing themselves out during the entire trip as it feels really terrible and they know that they won’t be able to enjoy their getaway as well.

Surely, motion sickness can occur to anyone. As previously discussed, it happens usually when travelling whether by uneven motion of car, turbulence in the plane or because of the swaying of the boat. These are the usual causes why there is a disturbance in the senses and when such disorientation occurs, the brain will receive signals of loss of equilibrium and that will finally trigger the symptoms of motion sickness.

Moreover, this sickness occurs when there is a detection coming from the ear with one’s sense balance or if there is a feeling of motion that our eyes can’t literally see in the actual vision. Nevertheless, this can be somehow prevented, as there are some various ways to control it even before it happens or while it is already happening. The very basic prevention is to let your eyes see the real motion. Like for instance, if you are in a moving car and you suddenly feel dizzy, stare outside the window so you can moving objects and that will help balance your senses. In this way, you will be able to balance whatever your mind is feeling and what your body is experiencing. One more thing that can cure this motion sickness is the currently available wristband in the market that gives pressure on your wrist. It actually works like the acupuncture treatment, which targets the main points of your nerves.

Likewise, we also have natural preventions that people can opt to do. When travelling, always make it a point that you grab a bite of crackers just to something lite to eat. Take something minty like peppermint tea to somehow calm your stomach and by then, you can avoid vomiting. And lastly, opt for fresh air because this will make you feel relax and you’ll be able to fight the symptoms of motion sickness.

Again, anyone can experience motion sickness but anyone can also be able to overcome it. It may be a weakening and very exhausting feeling but one good thing that a person can do is to take proper medications. You can ask your doctor’s advice just to be sure of what medicine best suits you. This will be able to help you a lot to escape stress and in the end, you’ll find yourself comfortable whenever you travel anywhere.

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