Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Blunder

Again I was caught off guard.

I did actually liked Sunny Happiness!

I guess I am biased because of Mike He, guilty as charged, who looks so damned HOT. And his smile would melt any woman’s heart (mine sure did more than it can handle). He doesn’t age, he looks the same as he did in Devil Beside You and that was 2005!

Sure the story was so-so, but eventually it grew in me. The characters except for the bitchy ex-wife, are all endearing in their own little ways. I even liked the sisters now.

Janine Chang is a good actress, not just a pretty face. She reminds me of Joe Chen (Qiao En).

Other actors to take note of are the younger bro, Li Yi Feng and his finance Li Jin Ming (both are Chinese), their evilness and bantering are so cute. I can’t help but love them instead.

Looking forward to more of Mike He, Janine Chang or other Taiwanese drama to watch!

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