Saturday, October 23, 2010

It ended with a Kiss!

Playful Kiss ends this week. Both ep15 an 16 are up at with eng subs.

Ep15 marks the wedding and honeymoon scenes and ep16 wraps everything up. If you previously watched ISWAK and TKA (TwDrama) you can say they rushed the ending BUT for me I am good with it.

No, I retract my statement, I love the ending!

I feel so proud of Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min)! She indeed matured and got her wishes from husband Baek Seung Jo (KimHyun Joong) to her career choice (to become a Nurse since Seung Jo is studying to be a Doctor). That is due to her persistence and perseverance. If it were me I'm sure I gave up already.

And Baek Seung Jo is such a charmer. Just smile and I'll forget everything else.

Did I say anything?

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