Sunday, July 4, 2010

In Love Again

That’s right I’m in love again with the Korean Drama Coffee House. I’ve been sampling one after another drama series but nothing caught my attention except for this one.

Only in episode 1 and I can’t help but to laugh and love the characters Jin Soo, Eun Young and Seung Yeon. This is the first time I love both the female leads and I honestly can’t tell yet which one would end up with Jin Soo.

Jin Soo is a successful thriller writer, Eun Young is the directress in the publishing company and Seung Yeon is Jin Soo’s secretary. Seung Yeon come from a poor family and as most of the plot in a Korean Drama the family incurred cash advances from different banks. Seung Yeon thought she got lucky to have a famous and kind boss in Jin Soo but contrary he has some weird behaviors. Like he wants to have 10 sharpened pencils before he starts writing, but it should be sharpened using cutter and should be of same length. He just smiles but always threw the pencils Seung Yeon prepares. He seems to be a real jerk but actually he is just a perfectionist. And once he smiles all your doubts, irritation will evaporate in thin air. Eun Young knew of Jin Soo’s personality but because he is a valued writer in her publishing company she can’t do anything but to give in to his whims.

Then there comes the sunbae of Seung Yeon who is a friend of Jin Soo and the ex fiancée of Eun Yeong, so a lot more is expected from this series.

And expect more post from me on this Korean Drama, that’s for sure.

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