Sunday, March 14, 2010

Otaku Mode

Drama Queen mode sign off. Otaku mode sign on.

Guess that’s the main reason why I was not regularly updating this blog. I was waiting for some dramas to be aired or subbed so for the mean time I amuse myself watching anime and reading manga. I’m usually glued to Animax Asia anime series particularly with Wipeout TV show and Itaden Jump. For the manga I just bought my copy of Skip Beat volumes 16 to 19, while the other shoujo (romantic) manga I just read online. Among my favorites are Kimi ni Todake, Vampire Knights, Dengeki Daisy, Kono Ie de Kimi to, Himitsu no Ai-chan and so much more.

But my Drama Queen hiatus will soon end. I’m definitely be back by April with Le Min Ho’s new Kdrama Personal Taste and I am planning a rerun of You’re Beautiful. I miss Jang Geun Seok! I read somewhere that he will start filming the Korean movie adaptation of Kimi wa Petto, a manga and a JDrama lead by Matsumoto Jun (remember Domyoji Tsukasa of Hana Yori Dango?).

And I am still waiting for subbed episodes of Infernal Lover, a Mainland Chinese Drama of Mike He and his Taiwanese Drama Calling Big Star. I am kinda disappointed with the lack of news about those two series.

So please bear with me, will you?

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